Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can we talk about the MTA for a minute?

From an anonymous reader:

Elderly people, women with baby carriages, etc. need to use the subways-there should be more elevators available at more subway stations.

That's so true - and it's reflective of the wrong-headed priorities at the MTA. I've gone on record with the TWU that operations ought to be prioritized over capital investments in our transit system. And I've fought a public battle to keep a real station agent in the booth at my local F stop. But this reader brings up another excellent point. When there is money to spend on capital improvements, how come it never seems to enhance accessibility at Brooklyn stations? How many times have you watched a young mother struggle to carry a stroller up all those steps at the Ditmas Avenue F, or the 50th Street D?

There are 12 subway stops in the 39th District. How many are listed as accessible on the MTA map?


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