Friday, September 4, 2009


This in from two long-time residents of Cobble Hill. I am so skeeved out right now.

When you are elected, will there be anything that you can do about the rat problem in this neighborhood? There has been an increase in rats in this neighborhood because of so much construction going on. We were shocked when our own exterminator told us today that he was called in right next door to us because the tenant on the third floor saw a rat come right out of her toilet!! That is too gross for words, and pretty scary too!
I remember, in the 1960's, meeting a woman from Baltic Street who said she would keep watch on her baby all night, because she was afraid of rats coming in and biting the baby; and I remember seeing rats on Baltic Street in broad daylight; but I thought that problem had been resolved long ago.

Rats are a health problem and more serious than other minor annoyances in the neighborhood.

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